Student Opportunities

Are you enthusiastic about math and science?  Do you want to make a difference in a young girl’s life?  If you answered yes, then you should be a G.E.M.S. Undergraduate Mentor!

Be a Role Model!

We are seeking Undergraduate Mentors for an exciting initiative called G.E.M.S. (Girls Excelling in Math and Science).  The G.E.M.S. project aims to increase the participation of women in science and engineering fields by starting where it counts – middle school.  Middle school is a critical stage for young girls where interest in math and science often fades or can be discouraged. Undergraduate mentors are invaluable to the development of the next generation of scientists and engineers!  Mentors devote three – four hours weekly to G.E.M.S., two of them in a middle school.


Making a Difference, One Moment at a Time!

G.E.M.S. is a collaborative mentoring project for middle school girls designed to enhance math and science skills and increase interest in math and science career fields. The G.E.M.S. experience includes:

  • Weekly, after-school enrichment sessions facilitated by undergraduates that

    • encourage leadership

    • enhance science and mathematics learning

    • feature hands-on math and science activities

    • highlight the contributions of women scientists and engineers

  • Field trips to math and science educational and research centers, for example, Koshland Science Museum, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center, National Museum of Natural History, Baltimore Aquarium and the University of Maryland 

G.E.M.S. Mentors may earn academic credit for community service.

G.E.M.S. mentors facilitate weekly, after-school enrichment classes in nearby middle schools.   

Click here to Apply Today! Students (men and women) who are enthusiastic about community service, science and math, and have experience tutoring/mentoring middle-school age students are encouraged to apply.  We carpool or take the shuttle for transportation.



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