Internship Opportunities

We are working with volunteer Interns for the following positions Spring 2017: Assessment (open), Budgeting (open), Curriculum (open) , Funding (open), Mentor Training (open), Operations (open), and PR/Communications (open).

If interested, Apply here by February 3rd, 2017 for best consideration.


Assessment Intern duties

  • Assist with developing the outcomes student research project;
  • Assist work with professor’s class students to develop research tool;
  • Assist mentors with distribution / collection of surveys;
  • Assists with tabulation of data;
  • Assist with report preparation;
  • Assist with grant template citation about research; and
  • Assist with maintaining diversity statistics


Budgeting Intern duties

  • Assists with preparing the annual budget;
  • Assists with preparing the quarterly financial reports; and
  • Assists with filing financial reports and reimbursements with Fusion


Curriculum Intern duties 

  • Tracks curriculum by school by year
  • Develops ideas for field trips that tie into school lessons, conduct research for these field trips;
  • Assists with the logistics of field trips
  • Assists with special event activities;
  • Takes photos of special events;
  • Assist with collecting and keeping track of authorizations for use of photos; and
  • Assists with GEMS recognition at special events.


Funding Intern duties 

  • Researches grant opportunities;
  • Maintains “Grant Template” by adding current information;
  • Researches candidate fundraising opportunities;
  • Researches candidate partners for events and activities;
  • Assists in maintaining the corporate contacts listing and tracking of contacts;
  • Assist in developing sponsorship level program
  • Assists in developing a membership program for the organization; and
  • Assist in carrying out special events including coordinating with venues, creating budgets


Mentor Training duties 

  • Assists in maintaining the mentor contact information;
  • Assists with the mentor training;
  • Develop statistics of mentor outcomes;
  • Help mentors with field trips;
  • Assists with pre- and post-surveys; and
  • Assists with compiling the survey data


Operations Intern duties 

  • Develops and maintains an index of all meeting notes;
  • Helps create templates for standard forms, updates templates;
  • Helps prepare the annual report by collecting financial information and creating graphs and charts of financials;
  • Assist with planning an annual meeting; and
  • Screens scholarship applications


PR/Communications Intern duties 

  • Research opportunities for publicizing GEMS in Prince George’s County;
  • Assist with developing and maintaining information on the GEMS website;
  • Develop stories about the participants for posting on the website or adding to fundraising solicitations, publication in other media;
  • Assist with partnering with another organization;
  • Help with advertising special events; and
  • Help keep Organization photo files